K4040 Supply Transformer color coding

I am completing the K4040 kit and need a little help with the toroidal supply transformer - the colours on the leads from the transformer do not all match the instructions or the PCB.

From the transformer there are 2 red, 2 yellow, 1 blue, 1 black, 1 orange, 1 clear lead with two copper wires, and 1 clear lead with a single copper wire.

No violet or brown leads as noted in the manual.

Can someone advise on which of the clear leads goes where?


Normally the purpose of the wires is indicated on the transformer itself (schematic diagram of the transformer with all the wires listed).

Looked for that, checked for other lead coding, and checked the project schematic - not this time.

Sorry, then you will have to wait on what Velleman has to say about it. I checked the manual also and I also find gray and green while you don’t have these.

Sorry, my mistake, I do have the grey and green 6.3V pairs.

It’s just the two clear primary leads that I’m not sure about.

If you are sure that they are from the primary, you can measure the resistance with a good multimeter with one pen at the black wire and the other pen at the other wires, one by one. The highest resistance will be the tap for the highest input voltage (245), the lowest resistance will be that of the 100 Volts and so on. Please stay alert so you don’t mistakes.

Thanks, figured it out with the help of Velleman USA, testing done and it sounds grfeat!