HPS40 osciloscope questions

Hello all,

currently I am dealing with my new HPS40 handheld osciloscope trying to get familiar with.
The device seems to be quite handy; being able to connect with PC via serial port is quite

The device came with black plastic case and I can’t see the mains adapter PS905 to be included.
Is this OK; I mean the whole pack has no batteries nither, so device couldn’t be run initially.
Originally there is a place provided for PS905 with original package, so why it wasn’t included?

The HPS40 is capable of measuring the 100Vpp max.; how can I measure signals such as 220VAC.?
Does Velleman provide any aditional line of probes (with built atenuation and protective circuits) for
measuring such signals ?


Power supply or batteries are not included.
You can measure 240VAC signals by switching the supplied probe to ‘x10’.
Careful: If you forget to switch the probe to ‘x10’, you will most surely damage your scope.
Please check the manual, these issues are explained.