HPS10 and rechargeable batteries

I have a HPS10 hand held 'scope and have been unable to find any rechargeable AA batteries which fit into it.

I have found that the rechargeable batteries are slightly bigger in diameter than a standard AA battery and the battery compartment of the instrument seems to be unable to accommodate them. I can not get the fifth battery in.

Is there a particular brand and capacity of AA batteries that fit the Instrument?

I spoke with the Retailer (Maplin UK) and they were unable to advise me.

Check this topic:
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It is useless to use the lastest high capacity batteries, which are slightly bigger than the standard, as the charge circuit only sources 90mA. If you would use 2500mA batteries, it would take 33 hours to fully charge them.
800-1000mA NiMH batteries usually fit.

Reference rechargeable batteries.

I have found that the following “Hybrid” batteries - i.e Ni-MH low self discharge - fit into the HPS10 battery compartment ( without using a crowbar :slight_smile: )
They are Sony “CyclEnergy” and Sanyo “Eneloop”. I believe from usenet comments that they are the same manufacturer? They are 1.2 V , 200mAh batteries and are usable from opening the pack!!

However using a 12V regulated power supply, capable of 1000mA and using correct HPS10 adaptor/plug polarity, it is taking days to just “top up” the charge of 5 “fresh out of pack” batteries inside the HPS10.

Am I correct in assuming the charging indicator green neon will eventually stop lighting when “top up” charging is complete?

There is no end-of-charge detection, so the led will remain lit.
The charge current is so small that it is not a problem to leave the unit plugged in.

Thanks for the update. Should that be an addition for the manual in future i.e green light does not go out when charge complete?
Also please excuse my typo - The Hybrids are 2000mAh !!

Battery update.
Measured Outside Diameter Battery Type
14.1 mm Duracell Alkaline
14.1 mm Uniross Hybrio ( Hybrid)
14.2 mm Sanyo Eneloop (Hybrid)
14.2 mm Sony CycleEnergy