How to print ABS


I would like to print ABS.

I found only this configuration file : …

And this information : ““This file is only compatible with Repetier 0.90 and Slic3r 0.9.10b””

So I tried to download these repetier versiosn, but impossible to find it on
The only available version is : .90c

So I tried with .90c, but the printer do not work (no manual control for example).

Could you please give us a complete tutorial to print ABS with K8200 ?

Bets regards

Does your printer connect to you computer.
Have you gone through and followed all of the setup instructions in the manual?


No problem with connection. I have printed PLA with success, so everything ok with connection.

But now I want to try priniting ABS and I don’t find enough informations about printing ABS with K8200, while the printer is advertised for sale in ability to print with ABS.

Same problem for me.
printer not visible on 0.94 on my Win7 64 laptop !!
so i’ll try to slice on 0.94, save the G-Code and open it in 0.8…
that’s the McGyver way but it sould work…

some help from velleman would be appareciatied.

The available version of Repetier for K8200 is 0.84, not 0.90c or 0.94 or 0.90, i guess, it works perfect for me.

You need to use repetier verson 0.90c.

Clic on Slicer tab, and configuration button of “slic3r”

A new windows open 'slic3r" and you select on Menu “File” -> “Load config” and you select the new ABS config file.

That is explain on the manual

YESSSS i printed my first ABS object this afternoon !!!
Just on the mirror with solution of abs disolved in aceton.
i needed a ‘skirt’ of 10 mm around my object.

As i told you, Repetier 0.90c won’t connect in my configuration so i sliced my object on 0.90c, generate the G-Code, saved it and load it on my 0.84 version of repetier.

tomorow after the office, i’ll try to smooth abs with aceton vapor !!!
i’ll told you about my result.

sleep well