help with MK152 kit

Good morning,

I have a MK152 (mini roulette) mounted but I need to lower both the rotation speed and the auto-off time
Please could you tell me how I can do it

Likewise, I am looking for a pulse counter, that is to say, with a button activate a step manually, and each time I press it counts a step,
thank you very much for your attention


Hello @Joseantonioalvarez !

Edit note : so it was so simple … sorry ! and thanks @VEL255

Have a nice day !

You can lower the rotation speed by increasing the value of C2 (now 1uF).
You can try 2.2uF, 3.3uF etc. to find proper speed.

You can lower the auto-off time by decreasing the value of C3 (now 47uF).
You can try 33uF, 22uF etc.

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