I was looking for different kinds of filament and came along this website:

They’ve got all kinds of filament and I’m interested in the wood filament. Has anyone tried that one already or any other kinds of filament? If yes, what are the results of that filament with the K8200?

Wood filament will most likely clog the nozzle of the printer.

I have bought it from that same place. It doesn’t really work. At first it works fine, but after it has printed about 1 layer, it gets stuck in a black thingy that is on top of the white part of the extruder. I will make a picture later where it gets stuck

I think the fillament is not smooth enough. I am trying to solve it, but not sure how…


Did you modify the extruder temperature to use this filament?

Normally, for PLA the temperature is set to 190 degrees, but for that filament 190 degrees is the melting temperature, so you need to adjust the extruder temperature to 200 degrees.

Hi, i did now, works great. No problems with it. Am going to print some more tomorrow


Would love to see some results.
Thanks in advance.

Found on YouTube that you could influence the color with the temperature.
The printed material should get darker if the temperature is raised a little more.

But I don’t know if they use the same filament.

Very expencive shop, isn’t it?


I’ve only bought the wood fillament there, and that is expensive everywhere.

Here is a picture from some things i have printed (compared to black pla), it is a little darker then I want, but still very cool.

and what about flex filament ?
can I try it with the printer ?
if I understand I just have to change parameters of the printer , isn’t it ?

Sorry for my english, french user

Bonsoir & hi macadam,

[quote=“macadam”]and what about flex filament ?
can I try it with the printer ?
if I understand I just have to change parameters of the printer , isn’t it ?[/quote]
yes, you can try flex PLA. The most important parameter is the printing speed, you’ll probably have to reduce it down to 40 or even 30 mm/s. Also the hotend temperature may need to be set differently.

The parameters will be different, depending on which filament you buy. Some are very flexible, so there is a chance that you’ll have problems with the filament getting too hot and therefore too weak to be pushed forward in the hotend. With the right parameters, it may work, or it won’t, you’ll have to try this out. The flex PLA I used successfully was bought a few months ago, like already mentioned.

Hope this helps, and sorry I can’t write in French.

Thank you very much, don’t worry, I understand english sufficiently :slight_smile:
Sorry for answering so late but I haven’t got much time for printing and also my printer not functioning cause I have to change the power “bornier” on control card. The printer was stopping several times in middle of printing because of that : cable of power moving with vibrations, the fixations of “bornier” (blue piece in plastic) don’t working well, one of the screw collapse. So I am waiting for a new one …

My printer is back !

I test flex filament soon :wink:
thanks for explanations and parameters to flex filament

[quote=“dxn812”]Very expencive shop, isn’t it?

Yes in dead. I’m using, works good for just € 20,50 a kilo.