Filament ‘twitching’ moving very quickly back and forth - not feeding

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Hello pm3,

Can you check if the set screw on the filament pulley is tightened enough?
And the motor cable is good plugged in on stepper motor, and as well onto the control board?

If the set screw is loose, tighten it securely.

Assembly manual of extruder can be found here, to check if everything is fixed well:

If set screw is tightened securely and motor cable is plugged in correctly, there may be something wrong with the driver on the control board. In this case, You can open a new ticket on Our Customer Care Service platform.

So We can send You a new control board. You can open a new ticket here: Customer Care Velleman

Best regards,
Velleman Support

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Please can you upload a movie of the display while executing the filament load command.
This is info what we are now missing, to be able to find the fault of this issue.

I see on the second video you posted, that the led flashes +/- every second on the filament runnout sensor board. Possibly a false contact or mechanical play on the microswitch for filament detection.
So disconnect this connector on this sensor board, see image below.


If the problem is not solved yet with above suggestions, We are thinking about a power supply problem (LED flashes every second on runout sensor board). in this case try another 15V / 6A power supply.

If none of this has a solution, I am still thinking of faulty driver on main board, or faulty stepper motor.

Best regards,
Velleman Support

Hello !

Bad cable / connection ? Could you try using another cable for the extrudeur motor just for testing ? Sorry no other ideas … and not so easy to check if you don’t have another cable …

Strange why your posts are being flagged … ? Is the spambot too sensible or is this something else ? If you have found or not a solution to your issue, Please tell us …

Have a good day !