Fatal error on vertex

Hello all contributors,

after leaving for a time my Vertex, i restarted recently.
So i have now a fatal error on a red box :

“a fatal error on the printer side stopped the printer until the error is fixed. Printer message :
Error: Printer stopped due to errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart.
( temperature is reset. Set it after”

after restarted my vertex i had this error sometimes , when printing for ex.
But now it is when i want to connect my PC to the Vertex.
do somebody has some indication to find where this error is coming from my vertex.

Many thanks for your help


Please show your printer settings?
Do you have problems when printing from the SD card?

Check the temp on the display.
M999 means one of them is either reading 0C or 700+C
If you have 0C you have an open on the thermistor if you have 700C + you have a short on the thermistor.

Hello VEL 337 and Wrong_Way.
I have not my printer settings available at this moment for answer to you.

BUT after this issue on the repetier, i tested successfully all fonction of the printer ( move axis, heating…) with the command button of the printer.
AND also i saw on the last line of the Blue screen of the printer : TEMP ERR…
After i did a reset of the printer with the printer and all the functions are operational now even on repetier.
I noticed also that on the printer settings ( on the bleu screen) that the Max extruder temperature was set at 250¨°. And i increased the temperature on repetier before my Fatal error… Perhpas is it the cause ?