Evaluating Query timer delay command response

My question is about the response from command “Query Timer Delay”:
Is there any way to know the value of param1 (1 or 2) used when this command was sent?
In other words: When I receive the response from this command the param1 and param2 describe the total delay time or
the remaining delay time of each timer ?
Thanks for any help .

What project are you referring to?

Vel417 thanks for your prompt response.
Yes you are right. I forgot to write that I am working on a project with K8090.

You can choose what information you want returned by setting param1 of the QUERY_TIMER_DELAY (44h) packet.
[ul][li] If param1 is 1, then the K8090 will send you the remaining time (in seconds)[/li][li] If param1 is 0, then the K8090 will send you the total delay (in seconds)[/li][/ul]
The 16-bit value is stored in param1 (msb) and param2 (lsb) of the response packet.

Note: The total delay is the value that was set with the SET_RELAY_TIMER_DELAY (42h) command. The default is 5 seconds. The maximum value is about 18 hours (64800 seconds).