EDU09 doesn't work in Windows7-64 Bit OS

My EDU09 works without problems with my old PC and Windows XP, however not with my new PC and Windows 7 (64 bit). Calibration is not possible and no measuring and switching AC/DC. All Voltages are ok (-5V, +5 V, 3.3 V)…It seems that the PC is not connected with the EDU. Download of the K8061 Driver had no success because in the unzipped version there was no .exe-file to start the program. There were only .dll-files…where can I get the complete Software Download for Windows7 (64 bit) ?

The EDU09 is a HID (USB Human Interface) device and needs no driver to install.
The driver is included into Windows 7 operating system and should load automatically when the EDU09 is plugged in.

Please check in the Device Manager that new item(s) appear under Human Interface Devices when the EDU09 is plugged in.

Hallo, the Human Interface Device (HID) has 8 Items, mostly HID-conform device or USB-Input Device. When the EDU09 is plugged in then 2 addional items are shown: one HID-conform Device and one USB-Input Device. The rest remains as before…

Moreover the HID has no warnings and the USB, too. All devices work correctly, so the comment of the Device Manager…

The Calibration Results:
CH1 Offset at 2V/div: 77 Fail
CH1 Ofset at 1V/div : -46 ok
Rounds: 51
CH1_y-position low, CH1_DAC1 255 0
CH1_y-position mid, CH1_DAC0 255 77
CH1_y-position high, CH1_DAC2 255 173

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Hallo, that is not my problem: EDU09 works with WINDOWS XP correctly, Therefore on the board of the EDU everything must be allright…the problem is that the PC does not care about the EDU, no signal comes to and from the EDU to the computer. I tested other USB-Inputs, it’s the same…

OK - I see.

This indicates that the EDU09 is detected and connected by the Windows.

This is very strange. - It seems the PC has lost connection to the EDU09.

The current consumption of the EDU09 is quite low (about 125mA) - Should not be a problem to supply from standard USB.

One alternative solution may be to use an external (powered) USB HUB.

Where did you see the current comsumption?

It is just typical current consumption of EDU09 (about 125mA).
Measured from USB cable.
Normal USB port should be capable to supply 500mA before disconnecting.

The EDU runs correctly with my old Laptop on WINDOWS XP, Your Program runs correctly with my new SONY-Laptop on WINWOWS 7 (64 bit), but no signal comes to the Laptop from the EDU-board…therefore the reason must be in the interface of the Sony-Laptop. The USB-Input/Output of the new SonyPC does not match the EDU-Microcontroller. Do you know the USB-Circuit of Laptops? Are there only capacitors to the Output or also resistors parallel to it?

Is the ‘Power On’ LED LD1 lit?
If yes, the PC has not disconnected the USB power.

As a possible solution you can try following:

  • Turn off the PC.
  • Remove the battery and power adapter cable for a while.
  • Insert battery, connect power adapter and then start the PC.

For more possible solutions please see:
USB port may stop working after you remove or insert a USB device (The instructions are mainly for older Windows versions.)

Yes, the Power LED is ON, all Supply Voltages are good. The other USB-trials are too dangerous for me, I am not a good computer specialist…moreover:the USB-Output works with all other devices (printer, mouse) very well, I never had a problem with the USB. So there must be a mistake in the program of the EDU that applies to the USB…

The USB connection between PC and EDU09 seems to be OK.
Indeed, one possible cause of the problem may be corrupted software.
Please do following:

  • Uninstall the EDU09 program.
  • Download this latest version 1.07 Software package for the EDU09
  • Extract it and run the EDU09_107.exe to install the software.