Does VM8095 can play 5 sounds (mp3) via 5 remote push button?

Hi everybody,

I wonder if the VM8095 module can play 5 sounds via 5 remote push button
Here is a drawing which explain better than words

So is it possible to

  • create 5 folders and put 1 mp3 file in each folder
  • Assign each 5 on board control buttons to a folder (via the pc software i guess)
  • play/pause button = folder A
  • track select button = folder B
  • volume set button = folder C
  • folder button = folder D
  • random button = folder E
  • Connect each remote push button

If someone already did something like this I’ll be very happy to know it.


I’m sorry, this is not possible.
Only the 7 on-board preset buttons can be assigned to folders.
You can connect up to 7 external preset buttons (same action like on-board ones) to connector J9.

Here you can see an example: VM8095 playing wrong folder

Thanks for your answer.
Perhaps i didn’t understand but if i assign 5 of the 7 on-board preset buttons to specific folders, i connect 5 remote push buttons to connector J9 it will work ?

Yes, it will work.
Connect them between terminals (e.g. 1…5) and GND (8).