DC controlled dimmer K8064 soft-start problems


we have got some dc dimmer. We want to use them with a SIMATIC S7 PLC with analog output cards. Now, the problem is soft-start. We have to disable this function. The PLC already take this function. If we use the function in both units, there will be only one effect: darkness for 2-3 seconds.

Can someone tell me how to disable or minimize soft-start function ?

Best regards


Dear sir,

I’m sorry, but you can’t disable this.
Maybe your problem is due by the hysteresis counter to improve stability
at min. brightness level. I have added this feature last year (rev 4.43).
For testing, I can send you an OLD version (2.30) to test w/o this feature.
The delay from the slow_ON function is only a few periods (< 100mS), so i think that couldn’t be the problem.

Yes it will be nice. I will test it.
Please send me your email to give you my address.

Best regards.