Controlling 2 K8006 modules with 2 parallel K8046 touchpads

The K8006 home module has 5 slots that u can use , now i would like to use 2 K8046 touchpanels that i would like to use parallel (control on 2 different places) to control the 2 light modules (module1 slot 1 to 5 , Module2 slot 1 to 3). (hope someone is still getting this)
Here are my questions :
-The touchpanels have got 8 open collector outputs can i put them parallel or is this a bad idea , they are all set up as momentary switch , so except for the signal going from one panel to the other one i don’t see any problem , or should i place diodes to prevent a signal going to the second ones out?
-my second question is , becouse the K8046 panels have 8 outputs and the K8006 Has got 5 Inputs , can i use slot 1 to 5 on one module board and use 1 to 3 on the other ?
If anyone can help me with this it would be much appreciated .

PS 1. yes i am a newby :wink:
2. No i don’t speek/write english a lot so answers in Dutch will also
do fine . :smiley:

It’s not problem to use this kits like you describe.

Geen probleem, Zoals U het beschrijft is de opstelling correct.
Diodes hoeven niet, maar dus de inteligentie van de K8046 kan niet gebruikt worden, dus ze allemaal als “momentary” zetten is OK.

ok Bedankt voor het snelle antwoord !!!