Calibration failure

I read on log file :
Calibration results:

CH1 offset at 2V/div : 179 FAIL
Rounds : 51
CH1 offset at 1V/div : 22 OK
Rounds : 18
CH1 Y-position low, CH1_DAC1 0 83
Rounds : 51
CH1 Y-position mid, CH1_DAC0 103 179
Rounds : 51
CH1 Y-position high, CH1_DAC2 189 255
Rounds : 32

Can you help me ? Thanks

Hello @Jean-Marie

After searching on the forum EDU09

could be some bad soldering or a bad inserted IC …

like in this topics :

So do you have already check your soldering and IC orientation ?

You could also post some sharp photos of the PCB, the issue is maybe visible for some expert eyes on this forum.

Hopping this help !
Have a good day.

Thanks, yes I have check soldering and IC orientation. Post a photo of PCB.!

Hello again !

I just have a quick look at the photo, nothing clearly wrong … hard to tell without a view of the other side … and the curent view angle lets some components hidden …

And also, have you done some voltages measured to compare with the topic i link in my previous post :

Edit 1 : After a more carfull look, it’s look like some resistors confusion … like R8 dont match the documentation ! or im i tired ?
Sorry you have to check all your resistor to find out … if you are color blind your multimeter can help you.

Edit 2 : As R8 is for the LED not a big deal … so maybe just removing and resetting the ICs ?

Tell, if you need more help or if you found the solution.

Have a good day !

I found the solution : resistors confusion (R21 and R23)
Calibration is now OK.
Thanks for your fast answer.
Have a good day .

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Happy for you !
and glade to have help !
So this topic is solved !