Best settings for dual head 3D printing


I just fixed the dual head printing for my K8400 and it is printing fine but here’s the catch: When not printing for about 15 minutes the filling gets stuck, and when i head up the heats its getting stuck also… so i am searching for the perfect temperatures for the heads when its not printing and the filling don’t get stuck.

Also i like to know the settings from others people that are printing with the dual head setup for the K8400 without any problems?!?!

I now have the following settings thats printing nice:

PVA 1,75mm (for support): speed: 45%, temp: 215, transit: 75%
PLA 1,75mm (for object): speed: 80%, temp: 205, transit: 100%

Like to hear some comments (i am from the Netherlands) so Dutch comments will be fine :slight_smile:

Searching on this forum yields many references including this one and the next.