Axes/clamps too wide?

I had a problem a while back that was most likely due to XY-carriage alignment. I tried this: … _Alignment

But I now notice that the axes can “wedge”. Sort of like a very slight circular motion. Almost as if the holes in the belt clamps were too big. I tried to disconnect the belts and tilt the printer. It moves smoothky but if it moves to quickly it wedges and becomes completely stuck.

Recorded thf motion.
Anyone know what to do?

That’s not nice. It looks as if your rods are far to thin or you have forgotten the bearings, but it won’t be something like that I presume :slight_smile:
I had something like this, but less terrible. There is to much backlash in the Iglidur glider bearings. See this post how I solved that: viewtopic.php?f=62&t=15440
I also ordered new (different sort of) gliders but they didn’t arrive yet.

It’s normal to have that effect a little bit but that sees excessive. Can you make a picture of an iglidur bearing once you removed one?