Airsoft bomb (fake)

Hi all!

First of all, I am pretty new to electronics. Yes, i’ve soldered some things back in school and can read diagrams, but that’s pretty much it.

Secondly, I need to build a bomb. Don’t worry, not a real one, but one for Airsoft games. The basic functionality should be pretty much the following:

  • Turn it on (I figured a simple key-switch would be pretty cool) :slight_smile:
  • Use a keypad to enter the time for countdown (in mm:ss)
  • Hold down a red button for, let’s say, 10 seconds (a beep meaning the device is now “armed”)
  • Countdown starts and runs on an LCD screen like in K8035, emitting a beep every second
  • Countdown stops at 00:00, the device “explodes” (as in makes a loud beeping noise with a blinking red light)
  • The bomb can be “defused” by holding down the green button for some time

There’s no need for disabling the main power switch while the bomb is armed. The power source would be a battery… i guess that can be left for later?

As I said, i’m quite at loss with this, and all help will be appreciated. However I am confident, that given proper components to use and instructions, I will actually manage to build this thing. And that would be pretty awesome.

So, my question is: What components do I need? Is there ready-made sets for some of the functions described? Should I make minor changes to functionality in the name of simplification? Have I taken everything that’s necessary into account?

Even if you could just point me to right direction…

Sorry, we do no mean to offend you, but I’m sure you’ll understand that you won’t get many anwers to your post.
This is just too complex. You will require a completely custom designed circuit. Designing custom circuits is not a service that we can offer.