3rd party soft?

I own a pcs100 many years now and i want to upgrade with one oscilloscope that has 2 channels and is isolated (and to go from 32ms/s to 80 at least).
Pcs500 looks just fine but i dont like its software . If you see what other brands offer then pclab looks very poor. especialy the limited size of the screen - i would like it to be about 70% of my monitor and not 20% as it is by now.
Does anyone has a 3rd party software? i cannt make by myself…

I completely agree with you. I have had a PCS500 for many years and while the accompanying software is functional, I have always considered it to be something from the 1980’es from a desktop application point of view. When I bought my PCS500 many years ago I asked Velleman to give me some programming info so that I could make a better user interface that would work on both windows, linux and mac, but my request was rejected :frowning:

I haven’t looked at it lately, but if there are some pointers to programming info let me know.